The LTP Programme is a project that promots a tourist link between Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Specifically around the Limpopo river area that conects the three countries.

I made two clips, the first one is the corporate video, explaining the aim and the development of the project. And the second one is a promotional video about the 4×4 tourism link that the LTP Programme is promoting.

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The project purpose is to contribute to the development of sustainable land and natural resource use systems in target areas adjacent to the GLTFP and help communities to make the best use of the potential “value added” opportunities the TFCA has to offer.  The full development of benefits and opportunities from the creation of the GLTFP and the GLTFCA are most likely to be realised in those areas that are both adjacent to existing national parks and to international boundaries, which are already roamed by the wildlife population and touched by tourism flows.  The focus of the activities, therefore, will be on those development opportunities that should be presented by the creation of the TFCA and those aspects of rural development that may support the realization of expected TFCA benefits while supporting where possible and appropriate the diversification of livelihoods and intensification of food production.


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