Of Demolitions and Evictions

Again the confluence of power, money and greed are creating the perfect circumstances for the development, Again, of the same procedures that we are already perceiving constantly all over the world. Besides the socio-economic background by South Africa is well known, what is happening this time, is a fact that is occuring all over the world, if you are poor and do not have means of production (if only a little garden), your way to survive is left out to be dependent on someone who gives you money in exchange for something or somehow… Like almost everybody.

Not even structures (not only constructions…) more than twenty year old are respected.

Small projects of self-sufficiency can be a survival option in this case, against the established protocol of trying to keep the people down, therefore concentrating the aims in the development of artistic and agricultural projects merged with an organization based on the assembly.



~ by pablo pinedo on 2012/03/04.

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